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2017 Updates

6/6/2017: A user has found a way to get the game to play sound and show text, which is often requested. I haven't tried it, but you can find the instructions here.

2/3/2017: John Macalister has informed me that the full game is available for purchase at!

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2016 Updates

2/29/2016: Alex Brofsky has uncovered an easter egg within the Mac version of FPFP. Check it out here.

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2009 Updates

5/26/2009: Andy, a.k.a. SixStringsGeek, has posted a video of himself playing the FPFP theme song on his guitar on YouTube. Check it out!

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2006 Updates

9/8/2006: Arthur has provided a PDF of the German version of the FPFP manual, and it's now available on the Links page. Thanks, Arthur.

4/17/2006: I have contributed a review of FPFP for Advenure Classic Gaming. Check it out!

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2005 Updates

12/13/2005: As some of you may notice, I've done a bit of a site redesign. Among other things, no more frames.

7/13/2005: User xg synth has pointed out to me that the README file contained on the disk-based demo has explained the "missing point" issue all along. You can read the details on the disk-based demo walkthrough page.

3/18/2005: Death Adder, a self-proclaimed fan of FPFP, also runs a site called the adlib music archive. It consists of tons of music from Sierra games, including the majority of music from FPFP, all in its original AdLib format. Check it out.

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2004 Updates

10/16/2004: A fan of the game and the site is auctioning off the FULL original CD-ROM version of FPFP, complete with the box! You can view the item here. It ends on Thursday, October 21st around 9:30 Pacific time, so get your bids in early! Also, no guarantees that I won't jump in on the bidding with you :).

8/19/2004: Courtesy of Brandon Klassen, I've obtained scanned copies of some of the original game ads. They're available on the Links page.

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2003 Updates

11/20/2003: I recently obtained the original CD-ROM version of FPFP. It might sound like I'm bragging, and maybe I am :), but I'm actually mentioning it because I've scanned the front of the CD, so that anyone who is so inclined can print it out onto a CD label. You can get it here.

8/7/2003: I've completely redone the JavaScript behind the music, so hopefully there won't be any more JavaScript errors. If you ever get one, please save the pertinent information and e-mail me with it. Also, this was all at the expense of Netscape (sorry Netscape fans, but I'm not getting paid to do this). Music simply doesn't seem to work in Netscape with the new code (though I'm not sure it ever did). I knew it wouldn't work with Netscape 4.x, but I really thought it had a chance with 7.x, so if anyone wants to look at the code and suggest how to fix it, by all means do so.

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2002 Updates

10/1/2002: Sierra Boards has been changed to Freddy Boards. Same look and feel, but more FPFP! :)

9/18/2002: The message board has officially been replaced by the one at Sierra Boards. The old one isn't available on the web any more.

9/12/2002: We've started a new forum dedicated to not only Freddy, but all Sierra adventure games! It's called Sierra Boards, so check it out today! It'll eventually replace the message board on here.

8/13/2002: I changed from using a Perl-based message board to a PHP-based one. Let me know if you have any problems with the new one.

7/2/2002: I've added a walkthrough for the disk-based and CD-based versions of the game's demo. Check them out on the Walkthrough page.

6/17/2002: I've added tons of interesting things that people have uploaded to me over the past few weeks to the Links page. Check 'em out.

6/15/2002: Jeremy Kapp has created a good-looking .PDF file of the game's manual. It's a lot bigger than the HTML version below, but if you've got the time to download 7 megs it's worth a look. Get it here.

6/3/2002: Charles Irwin has sent me character images with the original borders still intact, so these are now up on the Characters page. He has also provided me with both the English and French versions of "The Modern Day Book of Health and Hygene." To see them in all their glory, you'll need to install some additional fonts onto your computer.

5/20/2002: I think I've finally fixed the music controls so that they don't result in countless JavaScript errors. The only problem I currently see is that on the Story page, the 'Play' button doesn't work.

5/19/2002: The old Sierra Adventuregamers' Corner has finally reopened as Sierra Gamers! is an affiliate of Sierra Gamers. Check 'em out sometime.

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