Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist
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Freddy and Kenny the Kid On this page, you'll find links to every page I could find that contains any information whatsoever about Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist. Most of these pages are not hosted on this site, and as such, I can take no responsibility for their content. If you run or know about a site having to do with the game or its creators which is not listed here, let me know. Also, feel free to link back to my page if you'd like (please use the correct URL of If you find any broken links, please let me know. Some of the pages listed below are in languages other than English. I think it's great that people from other countries have access to the game, so I have included those pages here as well.


Fan Sites
The Al Lowe Fan Page - close enough

General Sites
The Underdogs
VU Games

Game Ads
The Good... The Bad... And The Butt-Ugly.
A Western Comedy That's Good Clean Fun For The Whole Family. N-a-a-a-a-a-t!
Letter from Al Lowe to the Leisure Suit Larry mailing list

Game Reviews
Adventure Classic Gaming - contributed by yours truly
Mr. Bill's Adventureland - "One of the best games ever produced by Sierra Online."
MobyGames - 3.7 out of 5
Matthew A. Murray - Some guy from Western Washington University actually didn't like the game!
A for Adventure
Adventure Gamers

Game Creators' Pages
Al Lowe's Humor Site
Interview with Al Lowe
Josh Mandel
An Interview with Josh Mandel

Sierra Links
Sierra Gamers

Game Trailer - DivX-encoded AVI
Sierra Soundtrack Series - The source of the background music on these pages.
adlib music archive - Includes the majority of the music from FPFP, in its original AdLib format.
Sierra Music Central - Hopefully will have some FPFP music up soon.
Scans - An open directory of scans of game items, some by me and some by others.
Theme Song Guitar Cover - Andy, a.k.a. SixStringsGeek, has posted a video of himself playing the FPFP theme song on his guitar on YouTube.

Easter Eggs
The Easter Egg Archive

The Full Game!
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Check eBay
Check Amazon
eBay user CoHo Willie - occasionally sells FPFP stuff

Game Demos
Disk (no voice) version of FPFP Demo
CD (with voice) version of FPFP Demo - different puzzle than above

Game Manual
Typed Manual in HTML Format
Typed Manual in HTML Format - French
Scanned Manual in PDF Format
Manual in PDF Format - German

Betina Olsen - Danish

Written by The Untouchables
Written by Hafeez Ahmad
The Spoiler Centre
Universal Hint System - UHSWeb
Universal Hint System - Reader Required
Olga Berger - Dutch

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