Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist
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In this hints section you will only find solutions to the very toughest puzzles in the game. It is not intended to be a walkthrough. I don't recommend using walkthroughs, but if you really want to you'll find one on the menu above.

Since you might see a hint that you don't want to see if I just listed them on this page, you'll have to click a button to see the answer to each hint. Since this uses JavaScript, you must have a JavaScript-enabled browser (such as Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later).

Why does Madame Ovaree keep coming back and saying the prescription isn't right? I know I followed the directions exactly!

How do I open the beer? Sam says the bottle opener hasn't even been invented yet, so how could I be expected to open it?!

I need to find Phillip Graves, but I can't find him anywhere! Where is he?

I need that pie on Mom's back window, but Hop Sing won't let me near it! How can I get it?

I need some metal to melt down, but I can't find any anywhere! Where am I supposed to find it?

Aces has me over a barrel! How can I get him without him getting me?

I keep getting shot in the schoolhouse! How can I block the shot?

How can I get rid of Kenny? I don't have my guns, and my sword is already in use!

If you need hints for any of the easier puzzles, they're all in the walkthrough.

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