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Disk-Based Demo

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As the demo starts out, Srini walks into the pharmacy to inform Freddy that a thief has robbed the Bank and then hidden in The Ol' Abandoned Gold Mine. Freddy chooses not to use force on the thief; rather he chooses to use his pharmalogical instincts to seal up the mine and trap the varmint for good. The first thing you'll need is the empty vial of sulfur, so go ahead and pick it up off the top of the left shelving unit. Also, grab the empty bottle of saltpepper from the bottom shelf of the right shelving unit. Finally, pick up the prescription from the right side of the pharmacy counter. 0 0
Next, exit the pharmacy and go two screens to the left. You'll see the Golden Balls Saloon. Go ahead and enter. First, pick up the matches on the bar. Next, talk to Sam, the bartender, and he'll give you a beer. Talk to him again, and he'll give you a mug of coffee. 0 0
First, drink the beer by clicking it on yourself. You'll end up with an empty bottle. Click the coffee on this bottle to fill it up. Then, give the coffee-in-a-beer to Doc. He'll unwittingly drink the coffee, which will sober him right up. Click the empty sulfur vial on the now-sober Doc, and you'll find out that he carries some on him as a fungicide. He'll lend you some, of course, but it turns out he doesn't have the saltpepper you need. 0 0
If you show Doc the prescription you can't read, he'll tell you that it was a prescription for Madame Ovaree's saltpepper. If you talk to Madame Ovaree, you'll find out that she's missing her expensive, imported mole. Go outside and one screen to the left, and you'll meet Smithy, the town blacksmith. Click the hand on him to pluck off Madame Ovaree's mole. Now you can take it back to Madame Ovaree in the saloon, and she'll be happy to give you back some of the saltpepper you prescribed for her last week. Just click the mole on her, and then click the saltpepper bottle on her. 0 0
After you've dealt with Madame Ovaree, go back to Smithy's. He'll be gone and his forge will be dark. Reach in and grab some charcoal. Now, go back two screens to the right, and if you wait you'll see a prisoner in the sheriff's jail cell rubbing a tin can back and forth across the bars of the cell window. Stand right next to the window, and when he does it again click the hand on the can to snatch it from him. 0 0
You have almost everything you need to make your own homemade bomb. Now all you need is a fuse. Go one screen to the right, and click the hand on the bucket you see hanging from a rope on your side of the water. You'll climb in and cross to the other side. Reach down and grab the fuse you see lying on the ground. 0 0
Now it's time to assemble your little bomb. In any order, put the sulfur, saltpepper, and charcoal into the tin can. Then, put the fuse in. Now, light it with the matches. All that you've got left to do is to use it, so go ahead and click it on the mine entrance. Willy will inform you that the thief was trapped in the mine, doomed for eternity (until he found the exit). Anyway, you did everything you were supposed to do, so that's the end. 49 49
This demo has an odd quirk, in that nothing you do in the game actually gives you any points. It displays 0/50 the entire time. Then, at the end of the game Willy just arbitrarily assigns you 49/50 points.

For a very long time, I was convinced that the maximum point total was 49, and that the creators threw this in there just as a little annoyance and incentive to buy the real game. However, I never had any proof to back my theory up. Then, a visitor to the site informed me that the README file on the disk-based demo explained the situation:
9.    If you successfully complete the demo, Whittlin' Willie
(the narrator) gives you 49 out of 50 points.  THIS IS A JOKE!
There are NO points in the demo, and subsequently there's no
way to get 50 out of 50.

Why did we tell you this?  Simple.  Because there's a saying:
"Nobody reads the README file."  Well, obviously YOU are the
one glorious exception to the rule, so we're rewarding you by
saving you the trouble of hunting endlessly for the missing 1
Obviously, this puts the issue to rest (and it appears I was largely correct in my assumption). Thanks go to xg synth for pointing this out to me.

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