Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist
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Act II: The Plot Sickens

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Act II begins with Freddy standing outside his pharmacy, a closed sign on the window. That's not the only problem; as Smithy let on, the horses are having a bit of bad gas. The first step will have to be to construct some sort of homemade gas mask. First, go two full screens to the left and enter Mom's Cafe. You'll see an empty can of beans in the foreground. Click the hand on it and Mom'll be nice enough to let you have it. 1 553
Of course, just a tin can won't make a gas mask. Go back into the saloon, and exit out the back door. You'll see an ice pick sticking into a barrel next to the door. Take it. 1 554
Next, go to your inventory screen. Click the pick on the tin can and you'll be one step closer to your gas mask. 5 559
Your gas mask will also need some sort of strap. Go back outside where the entrance to the saloon and Mom's Cafe are. Then go a full screen left. You'll see Smithy's old shop. You'll also see one of Smithy's old leather bridles. Go ahead and take it. 1 560
Go back to your inventory screen, and click the strap on the tin can for a handy strap. 5 565
The last item your gas mask needs is some charcoal. Reach into Smithy's old forge to get some. 1 566
To complete your gas mask, go back to inventory and drop the charcoal into the tin can. 3 569
Next, you'll probably want to take a breath from your gas mask. Just click it on yourself to do so. You'll also want to do this every few minutes while walking around town until the horses are cured. 12 581
Now that you can breathe easier, it's time to go about curing the horses. First, you'll need a sample. A paper bag will store this fine, and there's one in Chester Field's Mercantile Co. Go two full screens to the right and enter Chester's store. Take the paper bag on the counter. (1) 582
Next, you'll have to do the dirty work and actually get the sample. Go back out on the street and go one full screen to the right. Wait by a horse until it farts and its tail flies up, and then click the paper bag on its butt. (6) 588
To analyze this sample, you'll need some fuel for your alcohol lamp. Go back into the saloon and exit through the back door. You'll see a yellow bottle of Dad Gumm's Magic Elixir sitting on a cart. Take it. 1 589
Now it's time to analyze. Go back to your work area. First, you'll have to fill the alcohol lamp. Click the elixir on the lamp. 5 594
Next, pick up the matches and light the alcohol lamp. Then, pick up the gaseous spectroscope and place it in front of the lamp's flame. Then you can analyze the flatulence by clicking the paper bag on the spectroscope. (10) 604
The results tell you that the cause of the flatulence is lentils, and that it can be treated by Aminophyllic Citrate. First, find Sodium Bicarbonate and click it on the balance eight times so it reads 40 gm. Then, put the beaker on the counter and click the balance pan on it. Next, put the graduated cylinder on the counter. Find Furachlordone and click it on the graduated cylinder three times so it reads 15 ml. Put that in the beaker. Next, click the water on the graduated cylinder nine times so is reads 45 ml. Put that in the beaker as well. Then, find Magnesium Sulfate, click just once on the balance so it reads 5 gm, and put it in the beaker. Finally, stir the beaker with a stirring rod, pour the contents into a medicine bottle, and cork it. 5 609
Now you have to cure the horses with the medicine. Go outside and pour the medicine bottle into the horses' water trough. That will cure the horses. 20 629
But the town's problems don't stop there, of course. Next up is a stampede of snails. You'll have to think of a way of stopping that stampede. If you ask Mom, she'll tell you that beer always works for her. Well, there's one sure-fire way to get beer. Enter the saloon and give your money to Sam, the bartender. You'll have yourself a whole case of Loebrau. 5 634
Unfortunately, Mr. Anheuser just finished designing this bottle cap, and Mr. Busch hasn't even begun to think about the bottle opener yet. But there is a way to get the beer open. Apparently, in the old days bottle openers were called "church keys". Well, there's one way to get a church key, and that's from the door of a church. Go out the back of the saloon, and exit that screen through the pathway. Open the church door, and use the glasses to look at the right church doorknob. You'll get a close-up of it. Take the key. 1 635
Opening the beer is now straightforward. Go to inventory and click the church key (it's the one with the cross on it) on the beer. 2 637
Now it's time to off the snails. Go left, down, left, and then left. Don't worry that the bridge is about to break, nothing you can do about that. You'll see the snails in the distance. Before you kill them, pick a few up. You never know, they might come in handy. (1) 638
To kill the snails, just click the beer on them. You'll pour it all over the ground, leading them off the cliff. One more puzzle solved. 16 654
One puzzle solved, but another pops right up. An Indian fellow named Srini seems to be trapped on top of the large anthill. He refuses to simply walk down because that might kill some ants, which is against his belief system. We can help him, but first, an unrelated task. Go back to Mom's Cafe and give her the snails. Perhaps she'll be adding a little escargot to the menu in the near future (ok, so that part didn't seem to fit into the storyline at all, but at least it got you a point, eh?). (1) 655
Ok, back to the real plot. Go back out to the street and go three more screens to the right, all the way to the school house. When the little girl's not climbing up the ladder, take it. Sure, you're being cruel to little kids, but that doesn't matter, right? 1 656
Now that you have the ladder, go back to Robertson Cliff where Srini is. Then, click the ladder on the anthill. Freddy will balance the ladder between the rock and the anthill, and Srini will be able to climb down. It looks like you've found yourself a faithful assistant. 10 666
Now go back to schoolhouse, and then up one screen to face your next challenge. It seems something has happened to Coarsegold's water supply. Better get a sample for yourself. First, turn the water on by clicking the hand on the faucet. Then, click the empty beer bottles on the water to fill one up. (1) 667
Now that you've got the sample, what better way to test it than to take a swig? Click the beer bottles on yourself and enjoy what happens. (1) 668
Well, something has to be done about the water, but first you need a way to get up to the top of the water tower. First, you'll have to go collect your ladder from the anthill. On the way back, stop by Smithy's old place and grab the rope next to where the strap was hanging. 1 669
Now you'll need to make the appropriate medicine, and you can bet you'll do it at your work table. First, measure 25 ml of Bismuth Subsalicylate into the graduated cylinder. Pour that into the test tube. Then, measure 5 ml of Orphenamethihydride and pour that into the test tube as well. Light the alcohol lamp, and heat the test tube over it. Then pour the contents into a medicine bottle and cork. After you have the medicine, go back to the water tower. The first step in getting to the top is to click the ladder on the right side of the bottom of the tower. 2 671
Next, click the boot on the ladder to walk up it, and grab the ladder while standing on the deck. Then you can place it on the deck. 4 675
You can now walk up the ladder, but you can't quite reach the top yet. You'll have to make a lasso out of the rope. Go to your inventory screen and click the hand on the rope to make a lasso. 2 677
Now that you have a lasso, you can click it on the metal tip at the top of the tower to form a way to get up. 5 682
Now, just click on the rope with the hand to climb up. There is a hatch to the right on top of the tower that you can open by clicking on it. Then you can click the medicine bottle on the hatch to save the town yet again. 10 692
The next little disaster happens during the middle of the night. Srini wakes you up and tells you that the building next to the pharmacy is on fire. Better get that taken care of quickly. Go outside your pharmacy and pick up the baking soda on your porch (yes, you can easily fit it into your pocket). 1 693
The next step is to go right to the school. As you can see, the old assay office is indeed on fire, and set to burn down the whole town. The first step in putting it out is to put the baking soda on the teeter-totter. Make sure to put it on the end that is up, not the end that is down. 2 695
Now, get onto the swing by clicking the hand on it. Then, start swinging by clicking on yourself. Every time you swing forward, click on yourself to go faster. When you're swinging fast enough (you'll know because your legs kind of swing up at the peak of your forward swing), click on the roof of the school to jump up. 5 700
After you get to the top, jump on the end of the teeter-totter that is in the air by clicking on it to propel the baking soda onto the assay office. For what seems like the hundredth time, you've saved the town. 12 712
Well, it's night time, and I'm sure you haven't forgotten Madame Ovaree's offer. Head over to Ye Ole 'Orehouse by going to the screen with Smithy's shop and going down. There you'll overhear Sheriff Shift and P.H. Balance talking about some evil plan which should seem all too familiar to you. Go inside once you have a chance. Once inside, take the French postcards on the table. After that, just wait and talk with the girls until Madame Ovaree appears. The rest of the act is automatic. 1 713

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