Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist
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CD-Based Demo

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As the demo starts out, Freddy stands in front of the Golden Balls Saloon. The demo's puzzle is to save Srini from the anthill, which is included in the full game. But first, enter the saloon. Give Sam the bartender the $4.87 you have on you, and he'll give you a case of beer that can't be opened in the demo as far as I know (they can be opened in the full game). Just to get your mouth watering a little for the full game, I suppose. (5) 5
Now, leave the saloon and proceed one screen to the right. Grab the ladder from the children's slide near the schoolhouse. It might come in handy later. 1 6
Proceed four screens to the left (across the bridge), and you'll see Srini, the Indian you have to save from the anthill. Click your recently acquired ladder on the anthill and he'll climb across to safety, thus ending this ridiculuously short demo. 10 16
This demo shows 999 as the maximum number of points, but this is obviously taken from the full game, which contains 999 points. As it stands, I could only find the 16 points listed above (of which 5 are optional), so if anyone knows of more please let me know.

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