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Act IV: Showdown at the Hallelujah Corral

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A lot certainly has changed since the last act. A couple more shops have closed and the town just seems eerie and deserted. You'd better head on over to the saloon, where the only action in the town is taking place. It seems a famous riverboat gambler is winning everyone's money and property. Take a look at the poker game with the glasses and you may notice that Aces is indeed cheating; every once in a while, a third hand pops in between his other two and changes a few cards. When you see the hand, grab it. 10 812
Well, you caught Aces, but he's not going without a fight. You can't just shoot him, but you can shoot the brass rail running along the bottom of the bar. The bullet will ricochet off the rail and hit the right chandelier, dropping it down on Aces and tying him up good. Nice shot! 20 832
You've stopped that outlaw, but don't go right outside just yet. It seems a few cowboys have made a quick stopoff from their cattle drive to shoot up Coarsegold. They must be stopped, of course, but you can't do it with force. First, leave the saloon by the back exit. If you ever talked to Salvatori the barber, you'd know that he is considering getting some "adult reading material" for his patients while they wait. After leaving the saloon, take the dirt path. Then, go right. There's a hidden back entrance to Sal's place. It's just to the right of the blue roof. Click the boot around that area until you enter the barber shop. Give Sal the French postcards you took from the brothel and he'll give you some nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. It may just be the weapon you need to defeat the cowboys. 5 837
Leave the barber shop the same way you came in, and go back to the back of the saloon. Now, go up the stairs leading to the hotel's balcony. Luckily, the cowboys don't notice you from up here. Put the laughing gas on the middle of the three red, white, and blue banners. 5 842
Now, go to the gazebo next to the brothel. You can see the canister of laughing gas in the distance. Aim your pistol and squeeze off a shot. That should take care of the cowboys, eh? 20 862
Leaving the brothel screen will take you to another challenge. It seems the legendary Lever Bros. are your next obstacle. Could they be the "boss" that was behind all this? You'll have another choice like the once during the shooting practice; once again, it doesn't matter which one you choose as long as you finish the game. Just shoot the outlaws (they have targets on their chests) and avoid the innocent bystanders to finish the Lever Bros. off. (20) 882
Well, it looks like the Lever Bros. weren't the main enemy, but this guy sure could be. It's Kenny the Kid, the same guy that shot your ear off so many years ago. After a short conversation, you'll have to duel him. Wait until your gun appears at the bottom of the screen, and then get ready. When the game lets you, move the target up and shoot Kenny. You won't quite shoot him, but you will knock the gun out of his hand. He'll shoot you in the ear -- not the silver ear, but your one remaining real ear. As you lay bleeding on the ground, Kenny mentions something about the boss, Penelope. Could it be? Is the boss really your darling Penelope? Well, at any rate, you've got to staunch the flow of blood from your ear. Go ahead and take off your neckerchief. 5 887
It follows that you should click the neckerchief on your bleeding ear. Well, how about that! Your "unlucky" neckerchief actually saved your life. Now it's off to see if Penelope really isn't what she seems. 10 897
It seems Penelope wasn't very happy to see you. When she tells you to "drop 'em", be sure to quickly click on your gun belt with the hand to drop your guns. After that, quickly grab the slate next to you to block her shot. Unfortunately, she can still throw pretty hard. 10 907
After the long dialogue that follows, you'll have to work quickly to save yourself and the town. Just like on the swing, click on yourself to start rocking. Every time you come forward, click on yourself again until you fall over. Then, click the hand on your silver ear that Penelope threw to the ground to pick it up. 1 908
You now have your ear. Sharpened, it might cut those ropes that hold you. Click the ear on the floor to sharpen it. 10 918
Now, use the sharpened ear to cut the ropes that bind you and rush upstairs to confront Penelope. 10 928
It looks like Penelope used to be a fencer in college, and now she wants to use some of that skill on you. Hurry up and grab the other sabre before she dices you. 1 929
The game that follows is just like the others. It doesn't matter which option you pick as long as you complete the game. Be sure to select your sword from the inventory, and try to match Penelope's strokes (both high and low) with the sword to beat this one and pin Penelope to the ground. If you're able to back Penelope up after a few strokes, you're on the right track. (35) 964
Well, Kenny came back at a very inopportune time. It looks like just one puzzle is left between you and the end of the game. How can you defeat Kenny while holding Penelope at bay with the sword? You don't have your guns any more. How about that sharpened ear in your pocket? Throwing it at Kenny will effectively disable his ability to harm you. After running out of the school building and leaving Penelope in the explosion, you have successfully killed off the bad guys and finished the game. Go ahead and watch the 35 999


Just in case you're interested, the lowest point total you can complete the game with is 888. Skip all the points listed in parentheses to try it if you've got nothing better to do. Unfortunately, it's a little hard to find out how many points you end up with in the Windows version. The DOS version printed it at the DOS prompt when you left the game after winning. However, moving the mouse up to the top of the window right after killing Kenny (no South Park pun intended) should let you see how many points you got.

Due to a minor bug in the game, there is technically a way to end up with 1,000 points. In Act III of this walkthrough, one of the steps is to take a letter from Philip Graves out of Freddy's rolltop desk. It reappears later in the game, and you can take it out again, scoring the same point a second time. Since it's obviously a bug, I chose not to include it in the master list of points, but I felt it should at least be documented here.

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