Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist
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Act III: Guns & Neuroses

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Well, against Sadie's wishes, you've decided to secretly take up your gunslinging past. The first thing you need are your guns. You might as well check your drawers. While still in your bedroom, open your nightstand drawer and use the glasses to look inside. Well, you found a key anyway. Go ahead and take it. (1) 714
Well, that key has to go somewhere. In fact, it'll open the rolltop desk in your work room. Go ahead downstairs and use the key to unlock the desk, and then open it. Inside the desk is a drawer, which the same key will unlock. Unlock and open that drawer, and then use the glasses to look inside. You'll find a letter from your friend, Philip Graves. Go ahead and take it out. (1) 715
Reading the letter reveals that you left your safe deposit box key with your recently deceased friend, Philip Graves. That must be where your guns are! Well, there's only one way to get a key from a dead man, and it's not pretty. When you're ready, go ahead out to the cemetary. The entrance is on the same screen as the church. Once there, pick up the shovel left by the gravedigger. 1 716
Well, now that you've got the shovel, there's only one thing to do: DIG! Just click the shovel on the grave that was to the right of it (Philip Graves' grave, in fact). 2 718
Now that you have an open grave, you can look for your missing key. Just click on the grave with the hand to find your key. 5 723
Next, take your key to the Bank of Bob. It's on the same screen as Smithy's old shop. Just show P.H. Balance your key and he'll bring out your safe deposit box. 1 724
Once you're looking at your box, just click on it to open it. You can then open up the neckerchief and lovingly lift out your old pistols. 1 725
But there's one more thing you need from that box: your lucky neckerchief. Well ok, maybe it isn't so lucky... The last time you wore it, you lost your right ear. You'd still better take it, though. 3 728
You may have your guns, but they're not quite ready for action yet. You certainly need bullets, and it would probably be a good idea to give them a good cleaning. The sheriff would certainly have these things, but he probably won't just give them to you. A bribe might be in order, and in this case Mom's coffee and pie will have to do. First, go back to the screen with the pharmacy on it. You should see a pile of horse plop sitting on the street. I know it's revolting, but go ahead and pick it up. 1 729
Now, head for Mom's Cafe. First, get the coffee (the easy part) by clicking on the machine with the hand. 1 730
Now for the hard part. The first step in getting the pie is to distract Hop Sing. This can be dome by laying the horse plop down on the floor of Mom's Cafe. 9 739
Now, hurry to the back of Mom's. The quickest way is through the saloon. Before Hop comes back, grab the pie from the window sill. Just trading one pie for another. 1 740
Now that you have your bribes, head for Sheriff Shift's. It's on the same screen as the pharmacy. First, give him the coffee. You'll get some bullets for your gun. 4 744
Now, finish the bribery with the pie. You'll get a cleaning kit for your gun. 4 748
It's time to fix up your guns. Go to inventory, and click the gun cleaning kit on the pistols. You'll find that there was a potentially lethal bit of rust on the barrel (lethal for the shooter, that is). 5 753
Next, feel free to load your gun up with bullets by clicking them on it. You can then meet Srini on the screen up from the bank for some shooting practice. Click the empty beer bottles on the fence to start, as that's what you're shooting at. As for the selection of the game to play, it makes no difference in the awarding of the points, as long as you are able to finish whichever game you choose. So, try the harder games if you'd like, but they're not integral to the score. All you have to do is hit the beer bottles with the gun to finish this one up. (15) 768
After the practice, you have a long conversation with Srini, deciding how to go about this hero business. You finally decide that you must conceal your missing ear if you are to fool anyone. One idea could be to somehow carve one, out of wax or something. Well, you can get some candle wax from the church. Open the church door and click the hand on the candles to the left. You should pick up some candle wax. 1 769
Next, show this wax to Willy. He's always in Chester's Mercantile Store. He'll describe the process of lost-wax casting, which involves wax, clay, and metal. 2 771
The first step is to carve the shape of an ear out of wax. Leave and re-enter the store, and Willy will be gone. Borrow his knife for awhile. 1 772
Next, go to your inventory screen. Click the knife on the wax to create a nice wax ear. That's the first step, the wax positive. Next, we need some clay. Head back to the graveyard. Whether or not you filled the grave back up (it would be nice to think that you did), pick up some clay from the pile with the hand. That's ingredient number two. 1 773
The metal you need can be found right in your pharmacy. Go inside and check out Srini's silver medallion, hanging on the wall to the right. Go ahead and take it (I'm sure Srini won't mind). Now you have all three things you need to make a nice silver ear. 1 774
Go ahead to your work area to create your ear. First, go to inventory and click the clay on the wax ear. Then, light the alcohol lamp and hold the clay over it so the wax melts out. Next, put the crucible on the counter and click the medallion on it. Heat the crucible, melting the silver. Then, click the clay on the crucible to pour the silver in. After that, you can peel the clay away with the hand on the inventory screen to examine your finished silver ear. 20 794
You may have your guns, neckerchief, and ear, but your outfit isn't complete yet. Go back up to your bedroom and open the chest at the foot of your bed. Use the glasses to look into it. There they are, your old cowboy clothes. Go ahead and pick 'em up. 1 795
You'll also need some footwear. Open up and look in your dresser drawer to find a claim check for your old boots. It seems you left them at Sal's all this time. Take the check. 1 796
Now it's off to Salvatori O'Hanahan's to pick up your boots. Go out of the pharmacy and left one screen. Show Sal the check and he'll dig up your old boots. 5 801
Now that you have your entire outfit, it's time to get dressed. Just click your silver ear on yourself to start the process (and end act 3). 1 802

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